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Book Talk at Reagan High School

I will be at Reagan High School in Pfafftown, NC, on October 2 to speak to students there about my novel and writing as a profession. I will be available to sell books after school that day if you live in or are visiting that area and wish to buy a copy or two. I will gladly autograph the book for you, including a note to you. I will not be selling to students during the event because I see that as unethical, and the school system probably would see it that way, too.


FLOATING TWIGS is now available from Amazon

AND at Books, Beads, and More in Mechanicsville, Virginia!

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My novel Floating Twigs will be released September 15, 2018


After Jack Turner finds a starving dog while fishing with friends, he talks his alcoholic parents into letting him keep the dog he names Bones, provided Jack can earn the money to care for him. In the process of finding work, Jack meets Hank Pittman, a middle-aged man who lives in a dilapidated school bus at the harbor. A friendship ensues, and Hank becomes the caring father Jack lacks at home despite the fact Hank is hiding his own secrets as he tries to escape his past.

When Jack meets Mrs. Mary Jane Dawson, he starts working as her gardener, but trouble brews in the form of gossip and lies that threaten Jack’s relationships with Hank and Mrs. Dawson, as well as Bones’ life. After initially ignoring the gossip, Jack finds he must confront the lies and that love carries with it a responsibility to others. When Hank is accused of a crime he didn’t commit, Jack must find a way to convince a jury of the truth, a difficult task when even his own parents refuse to believe him.


A legal thriller wrapped in a unique coming-of-age novel, Floating Twigs will keep readers turning pages long into the night and remembering it long after the last page.

Read the first three chapters here: