Quick Thoughts

I sit here today, Saturday, March 24, with the "MARCH FOR OUR LIVES" event playing on the TV. It has given me increased faith in our nation's future. I taught school for years and always wondered where the anger of the young went as it related to the messed up world in which they live. When I was young, it was the Vietnam War that divided the youth from the "establishment." I saw no such indignation and anger among my students. 

Today, there are many young people who have found their fight. The young people of the 1960s and 70s kept up their protests until the establishment finally heeded the call and ended the war that was killing our fellow young people sent half way around the world to fight off what was referred to as "the domino effect," the mistaken belief that if Vietnam fell to Communism, the entire Pacific Rim would eventually fall as well. That war officially ended for the United States when Nixon announced an accord had been reached on January 23, 1973. It's been over forty-five years since then, and while there are certainly despots in power in many places in the world--that will always be, unfortunately--the dreaded "domino effect" never materialized.

Now, we have young people marching for their lives, just as my generation marched for theirs. Some adults who disagree with their political and moral stance are suggesting they should be quiet because they are too young. That brings back a lot of memories, since that was the angry exhortation by many adults when I was young. The shame is that the children have to step forward to take this topic on; it should have been the adults. It should have been Congress. And because I did not speak up when I knew it was a topic that needed to be addressed, I am ashamed.

To those fighting for sensible gun laws: May you not lose your passion for this cause. It is a good and noble one, regardless of what those in power suggest. You are the future. Too many fine lives have been taken. I fear more will be destroyed before change happens. But never quit. You will eventually save lives, and nothing is more noble than that.

And finally, register to vote and exercise that right. You are more powerful than the NRA. You just don't have their money.

Charles TabbComment