I have become rather fascinated when checking out where people who visit this website, live. It’s odd to know people from halfway around the world visit. And when I say halfway around the world, I literally mean that. I have access to the IP addresses of people who visit, and often, the information I receive includes at least some information about the general vicinity where they were when they accessed my website.

The most interesting information about visits is that recently, a few people in China have begun reading my website, despite the fact that I have not added anything of note for a while. One visitor lives in Baoding, China, in Hebei Province. Baoding is a city of about 1.7 million people and lies about 150 km southwest of Beijing. I wonder what they get from reading my site. This person has visited this website often over the past few weeks. Perhaps the visits are by several people in one household, or perhaps a school in China. Is it possible I am read in an English class over there? I have no other information about their whereabouts. It’s not as if I could fly to China and find them, but that they visit the page regularly is both fascinating and pleasing.

The other visitor from China is from the much larger city of Shijiazhuang, also in Hebei Province, about 265 km southwest of Beijing. The population of Shijiazhuang, the largest city in the province, is over 10 million. That’s about the size of New York. I find myself wondering if these two people, who live about 110 km from each other, or about 68 miles, know each other, and one recommended my site to the other. I have no way of knowing. Beyond that, I know nothing other than they have not purchased Floating Twigs, because the country of origin for the sale is listed in the sales information for me at Amazon, and only those in the United States have actually purchased a copy. One reader in Canada has read at least some pages of that book on Kindle Unlimited, but that’s all.

I have had visitors from other areas of the world as well—The Netherlands, Ireland, The United Kingdom, India, and The Philippines to name a few. However, it’s the visitors from China that make me wonder the most.

I just wish they’d email me to say hello. (Yes, that’s a hint.)